Monday, April 15, 2013

Zero waste?

The non consumer is talking about zero waste. I think it will be a while before we get to zero waste. Like maybe even never. It would be hard to incorporate no packaging into shopping on the cheap. Many packages can be recycled. I don't buy much that is individually packaged. We bought most of our veggies at the fresh food market and our town is already plastic bag free. bags that you bring to the store have to be washed frequently to keep from contanimating your food. I am sure that my daughter is zero waste, because she comes over and uses my kitchen so she doesn't have to wash dishes by hand! no room for a dishwasher in her unit!

Now, of people would discourage shoplifting, we could do away with the bubble packages that are a bear to open and fill the landfill. LOL. Costco is not very earth friendly. They do recycle boxes and I recycle them again at the store. it is hard to put a set of dishes in a brown paper bag.

Almost all of our garbage can be recycled. I think this movement is talking avout not using any packaging at all.
I am not sure in this day and age that that idea is sustainable in the burbs. It is a noble idea, I just don't know how practical it is for the average home. We will start by getting everything that can br recycled in the recycle bin and taking our packaging to the store to be used again.

On to other topics. I'm not sure what people want to see on this blog there's a comment section on the bottom. You can comment anonymously. please let me know what you want to read about. Recipes? Techniques to get out of the kitchen faster? Where to find the best prices? The basic plan? meal plans? I can't tell by the amount of hits . Sometimes I am inundated with spam.

Meal plans and the recipes that correlate with them can be found At Some of them wouldn't fly with my family. A lot of them wouldn't have flown with my parents. Some of them would be interesting to try.
My husband has been really good about critiquing my experiments! LOL

Stair-stepping meals are a good way to not have waste and be more efficient in the kitchen.
Roasted salmon can become a salmon cassarole or be in a salad.

Rice can be Spanish rice with Mexican or Sweet and sour chicken or pork or braised beef on rice.
rice has a short fridge life, use it within 2 days . Dirto beans. Rice pudding???

We all know about Roasted chicken, chicken pot pie, chicken burritos, chicken noodle soup, terriaki chicken, chicken salad, white pizza.....

Batch cooking meat especially is a good time saver. If you batch cook groumd meat at your leisure, you will be more likely to spend the time to de fat it. defatted ground beef has LESS fat than boneless, skinless chicken breast.

Having a few very quick meals at your disposal is a good way to beat the I have no time and have had a hard day blues! For us that is tacos or a hot sandwich. It used to be roast beef a jus. it is getting harder to find a sirloin roast on sale these days. pulled pork or BBQ pork is a option.

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