Sunday, July 28, 2013

Coupon alert, updated

Rite aid has a up rewards on dental health stuff. Various crest products pay 2.99' get 2.99. I just love that word free. Dreyers ice cream is 2/6. When you buy 12.00 there is a 4.00 up reward. Maybe good if you can share the buy with your neighbor . There are coupons that give you money back to buy these. Also there are school supplies for free with a rewards card. The tea ismcheapermwith a coupon and rewards too.m the mayo is not a good buy I got some for 2.22 not long ago and my sister got hers for free.

The last update....I got it all for 1.38 OOP!

Fred Meyers ads run Sunday thru Saturday.

Tomatoes .88
Cherries 1.99
Peaches 1.49
Wallace Wallace onions.77
Squash .79
Cucumbers 2/1.00

Guess that's all

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