Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Coupon matchups

Coupon matchups are when you find a good sale price and match it up with a coupon. There are web sites that do it for you. Couponconnections is a lady from Lynnwood, Washington. Krazycouponlady is another one. I'm not sure where she is located. Stacymakescents is from Virginia. I think she covers that on her u tube seminar. she is really funny and it is a fun video to watch. If you are not in a double coupon state, you'll have to take what she says about that with a grain of salt. Do a search on u tube and investigate the lady or ladies that work in your area.

They are very informative and you can watch them at your leisure.

The sites make it easy to coupon, they do the work for you. It takes time to do it yourself. Be sure to check the package sizes when you match a coupon. I keep my inserts in a binder clip. When I find a good match up for us, I go to my stash and clip the coupons I need. it saves a lot of time. I don't want to spend more time on couponing than I have to, I only buy a few things they print coupons for.

The ONLY place I have found in the PNW where you can make money on a coupon is Rite Aid. yesterday the mouthwash and toothpaste was FREE to begin with. A wellness card was all that you had to have. If you had a coupon to go with it, you were money ahead. Essentially,they paid me to take the toothpaste out of the store. I had the wrong coupon for the mouthwash. I would have been better off buying two toothpastes, but I didn't have another coupon.
I should have been better prepared.

All I paid for the toothpaste, mouthwash, glue, ruler, and notebook was part of the sales tax.

Wallgreens has the same kind of deals as well as CVS. We don't have CVS stores, and Wallgreens is not convenient for us. I usually only go there when I am leaving the Er at two in the morning LOL
we are supposed to get one in our neighborhood, they are building it. I am basing that info on the u tube videos I have watched.

I buy the Sunday paper at the dollar store. They keep them all week. You need to look at them, they don't always have the inserts. The first week of the month is best. The coupon class we went to suggested that you get one paper for every member of the family. That could get expensive. Since most of the things that there are coupons for are not on my shopping list, it's probably not worth the expense. you don't want to spend more money on the paper than you get money back on coupons. My husband does enjoy the funny papers and sports section !

I think if I found a really good coupon, I would see if someone wasn't going to use their coupons, or buy another papered it made sense to do so.
I have been averaging about six dollars a week on coupons. I usually have a savings printed on my receipt of 46-48 percent before I started couponing. Shopping wisely and eliminating the ready mades and snack foods is how you get to 1/2 price food. Couponing is the icing on the cake!

Most of my coupons are printables and I made a coupon binder for them. I used a binder I got at the flea market for a buck, and two page protectors I got at the dollar store. Page protectors were on the three for a buck list at rite aid, but ere were none with that price. Total cost 3.00 plus a set of picture sleeves. The picture sleeves work better for printable coupons since I don't clip newspaper ones till I need them. I
It is important to plan your trip and get your coupons together before you hit the checkouts.

Off the coupon subject of couponing...

The Betty Crocker website has a recipe for pizza bread. It sounds really good and a good after school snack!
I was going to share it, but am afraid of copywriting issues.

Our favorite still is banana blueberry bread.

I am working on a meal plan, specials list form or forms.

I guess that's all. Back to the ads and recipes Tommorrow.

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