Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Fred Meyer and sloppy joes

I was not sleeping last night and got up for a little snack of some berries and watched Diners, Drive-ins and dives.
There was a guy making sloppy joes. He used a mixture of carrots and celery first, then added the meat. He used tomato paste and a little vinegar. I didn't see enough of it, it was fast, so I'll have to experiment. It just dawned on me that adding some veggies would stretch the hamburger and get some veggies in unsuspecting husbands or kids!

On to Fred Meyer. Their ads run from Sunday to Saturday and come. The newspaper. Imbought the newspaper from the dollar store, that is the second time that I didn't get the coupons, I was supposed to get coupons free from the times and that didnt happen either, I think that I will stick with getting my coupons on line for free. It's hard to find coupons for real food anyway.

Grapes .98
Strawberries 2.59
20 percent hamburger 1.99, limit 2 ****
Butter 2.00@@@
Vegetables, beans, or tomatoes 2/1.00 Limit 6 @@@
Fred Meyer coffe 5.99
2 lbs blues 4.98
Plums 1.49

@@@ means coupon needed from the newspaper ad. I don't know of there are any in the store.

The formula for ground beef price check is :

Price times 1. XXX. XXX is the percentage of fat. 2.00 a pound , twenty percent fat is 2.40.
Remember to fry your meat, drain it, and pour boiling water over it to reduce the fat. I return it to the pan with some water and the taco seasoning if I am making taco meat.

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