Sunday, July 28, 2013

Seriously sunday

My daughter and I went to the couponing class. She showed how she got some things for free. She was from Oregon; we don't get double coupons in Washington, except the rare time you can get a coupon for double at ALBERTSONS.

The cost of the class was free, and she served brunch and had door prizes . A remarkable display of generosity. Thank you Kristin and The people at the Open Bible Church. She mostly dealt with Target. I did t know that target has a second coupon thing that gives percentages off plus using target and manufacturers coupons.

Stacking coupons is when you use a manufacturers coupon with a store coupon. You cannot stack an electronic coupon. Electronic coupons are the coupons you load on your store card. Coupon policies are on the stores websites.

Kristin had a concept that tailors the amount you buy to the degree of rock bottom price as opposed to my wait till it's the lowest and keep six months. She generously gave is a chart of rock bottom prices. I didn't find her prices realistic for this part of the country. Still, the concept was there. It was a neat chart.

You can get the Sunday paper at the dollar store. Not every time does the Sunday paper have coupons in it. It's best to check before you buy it. She recommends that you buy one paper for every member of your family. I would buy one and look at it. If it has coupons for something. Want, to back and buy more.

A coupon binder is a good thing If you are going to be a serious couponer. She did stress to plan tour trip and have your coupons ready before you get to the checkouts. I like to use the couponconnections web site and pull from the inserts that I have clipped together and dated if I need a coupon. I keep my printable ones in a box with dividers. It is less paper to deal with.

Most coupons are not for basic food which is what I usually buy. We buy few cosmetic and household products. She makes her own laundry detergent and the savings are remarkable.

I look for ice cream coupons, especially blue bunny because it is lower in carbs. I find plastic snack lunch bags for my granddaughter for her school lunches. We use plastic reuseable bowls a lot too. Toothpaste is free often.
I find pasta coupons often. Some of the ready made meats have coupons and paired with a sale, are cheaper than scratch. You still have to deal with the fact that they have preservatives in them. I guess that the moderation word is appropriate! I pass most generally on the box mixes. I keep a cake mix for emergency purposes and some brownie mixes when I can get them for a buck. The last cake mixes I purchased were .07. Considering that it costs .075 for a cup of flour, that was cheaper than scratch!

I had done a lot of research before I went to the class. Since I was sick and had a lot of time to surf the Internet, I watched a lot of videos. My daughter had not. What I took away from the class was that Kristin ( I'm terrible at names) spent a lot of time putting together a wonderful class. The basics were covered and it was presented well with a lot of handouts. It was a fun morning with my daughter.

I didn't know about Target's three coupon policy, and that target has deals that give gift cards and you can do multiple transactions to make best use of coupons scenarios. I don't usually shop at Target the one time I checked food prices, they were high. I didn't think our Target had much food.

I guess that's all.

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