Thursday, July 25, 2013

Four plus One equals FIVE!

The basis for dinner when on a thrifty budget is five dollars for dinner for 4 people. Based on the hypothetical
Family of two adults and two school aged children. USDA stats are on the Internet based on levels of budgets and size and age of family members.

the secret to five dollar dinners is to keep the protein cost to about 2-3 dollars. If you average this, you can afford a more expensive cut of meat ever so often.



Buffalo chicken Pizza
roast chicken
BBQ Legs and thighs
Chicken soup
Chicken pot pie
Chicken and dumplings
Chicken noodles
Chicken burritos
Chicken salad

And many more

Ground beef is another very versatile protein. ground meat can be ground turkey, pork, or beef, or a combination of them.

Meat balls
Pasta dishes
Stuffed peppers


Sausage (dinner)
Sausage, Cassarole
Loin roast
BBQ pork sandwiches

Then there is rice and beans , cheese, eggs in any number of dishes
Breakfast for dinner is a real fun way to mix things up.

Bean and rice burritos
Mac and cheese

Just a few ideas, the Internet is full of them I just saw a recipe for chicken chimichangas on Facebook. I need to figure out a substitute for cream cheese or see if the cost of it makes the dish prohibitive. I just love chimichangas! I don't get them since the restraint that I got them at charged us twice for the same meal and I had to fight three months and write the attorney general to get my money back. Apparently not all the chain restraints are owned by the chain!

I think the point is that you can eat really good on a budget if you get your basic food 1/2 price.
Buy your stock items and protein at rock bottom prices and buy your veggies in season. The vegetables taste better and cost less...a winning combo. The trick is being flexible and knowing your prices.

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