Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The ads. With coupon update!

As I said in the last blog, I did make a form for analyzing the grocery ads. I may tweak it later.

Note : To my dismay, most of the coupons that match ALBERTSONS mega sale on coupon connections are at their li it and no longer available. I'm not sure about suckers, it says spread and the ad says jam. All the coffees are gone!

Peaches .99
Corn 4/1.00
Pasta 1.00
Pork Tenderloin 2.99
Hebrew national hotmdogs 2/6
Tillamook ice cream 2.79

Buy 5' save
Pepperoni 1.99 cc
Crest 1.99 cc
HORMEL sausage 1.99


Yoplait 10/5 cc
Beans, veg, tomatoes, hagan brand 15/10 *****

Grapes 1.29
Cheese 4.99@
Nalley chilli 1.00
Chicken thighs 1.29

Nectarines 1.79

Five dollar friday
Blues 2/5

Yoplait 10/5
Milk 2.59

Just 4 you
Mayo 1.99

Chicken .99
HORMEL meats buy2/ get 1
20 percent beef 2.99

ALBERTSONS Read carefully, this is confusing. Cc means that there is a coupon on couponconnections.com
*****means that this is a serious rock bottom price stock item. as usual @ means there is an in ad coupon.

Chicken .99**
27 percent ground beef 1.69 week end only
15 percent beef 3.49

Blues 2/6

.50 off in ten item batches. Prices are net before coupons
Cheerios 1.99
Jiff 1.99
Foldgers coffee 6.99 cc
Crisco veg oil 1.99
Jam 1.49 cc
Cake .99
Brownie mix .99
Hunts pasta sauce .79 *****
Refried beans .88
K cups 4.99 cc

Bud light 5.99/ 12'pack

That's all

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Pasta is not the best buy for a buck. Better than normal, but not rock bottom. Pasta sauce is at rock bottom within a penny. Jam nets a buck, pretty much rock bottom for'a name brand. Cake and brownie mix is cheap, but not my rock bottom. My rock bottom is free and .14 cents to average .07. I wouldn't wait for <>~>|€ to freeze over!
Coffee is at my rock bottom with coupon. Look for Cheerios and Jiff coupons, they must be out there. Back to school sales are in full force!

I have not done the math for HORMEL b2G 1. That's a third off.

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