Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday madness

Today we went to rite aid and I got toothpaste, mouthwash, and paper supplies totaling a out nine dollars. The end out of pocket cost was 1.38 including tax.

We then went to Fred Meyers. I got sandals for the granddaughter for 2.00 along with some veggies and pasta sauce for .89.

I am not a Fred Meyer shopper usually. I had never got their ads before I started looking into couponing. I don't buy a lot of mixes etc, so I never saw a need to coupon. What one lady said on one of the numerous u tube videos I looked at while I was sick made sense to me. If you can coupon the things that you need that are necessities, that leaves more money for food. I still won't buy anything with a coupon that I wouldn't ordinarily buy unless it is free or near free and I can still use it. Today's mouthwash was free, and the toothpaste was more than free. The school supplies were free. Ice cream was 2 dollars, but I don't have a lot of room in my freezer right now. I froze corn on the cob when I got it for .20 and blueberries.

I just finished working on a coupon binder and some binders of recipes I downloaded from betty crocker website. I get them in the e mail periodically. I really like a lot of them. They use inexpensive sources of protein often and have a lot of vegetarian.

I guess that's all

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  1. Good job on the couponing efforts! I need to get back into it more. In the refunding heyday it really paid off but it seems like it is a lot more work to find the deals and coupons these days and so I got into a habit of just buying store brands to save time. I need to look into the couponing again and see if I can save more.

    1. Find the coupon matching site in your part of the country. I'll try to post some. they do the work for you. Our dollar store has the Sunday paper all week. Check first they don't always have inserts. Save the inserts. I use a binder clip. When you find a good match up on something you use, pull the insert and clip your coupon.