Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The ads

I got the ads today so I thought I would give You a heads up early. I went to Fred Meyer, they hd no hamburger, they did have black beans for .50.


BREYERS ice cream 2.99
Raspberries 3/5
Grapes 1.28
Cucumbers .69

London broil 2.99
Blackberries 2.00
Tillmock ice cream 2.99
Butter 1.99@@
Hagn tuna.88
Lettuce .69@@
Coffee 5.99@@
Plums 1.49
Zucchini 1.00

Cantaloupe 10/10
4 lbs blues 9.99
Strawberries 2/5
Plums .99
Club sandwich 5.00

Cantaloupe .39@@
Tombstone pizza BOGO
Butter BOGO
Cherries 3.99


Strawberries 2/5
Corn 2/1.98
Chicken .99
Eggs 1.49
Butter 1.98@@

That's about all. I am seeing plenty of fruit and vegetable buys, the only stock item I am finding is tuna .
I would say that it would be a good week to investigate winCo or rely on your stock. I think that there is a coupon out there for pizza.

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  1. What does the @ sign represent? A coupon maybe? I would sure like to see butter and coffee at those prices here. We have two groceries stores to shop where I'm at plus whatever dollar stores have. Butter here runs 2.98 store brand and coffee 6.98 and up.

    1. @ does mean that there is an in ad coupon. Sorry, I forgot to make my usual note. I know that the ads are not the same in all parts of the country. Someone told me that the produce was cheaper on the mid west! Everything I write won't work for everyone, but, you can pick and choose what might help you or what will fit into your lifestyle. Even using the best of two stores will help. Maybe you could carpool to a larger town once a month? Don't know where you live...just a thought!

  2. Coupons.....I found a coupon for butter for a buck a week ago. Coffe is not so good...like a quarter is not enough! Google your favorite coffee brand. Check to find out the coupon march up for your part of the country.

  3. Can you recommend places online to get coupons where I don't have to download programs to print them? I have tried to print a couple of coupons from sites and each case they required downloads which I am very leery of loading things on my computer. I don't want to be getting popups or viruses. Still I would really like to take advantage of the coupons...

    1. Coupons.com is the only site I know, the rest of them piggy back on that site. The coupon experts say that coupons .com is ok. I haven't had any problems. I won't download when they want my personal information. Some coupons in the paper. I wouldn't do anything I wasn't comfortable with. Coupons from the manufacturers direct don't require a download.