Wednesday, May 20, 2015

10 money and time saving things I did today

  1. I got up while the house  was quiet and paid bills and balanced the budget book.   
  2. I wrote a money saving shopping blog. 
  3. I cleaned the fridge and sliced veggies and cooked the hamburger for dinner.   
  4. I designed a pattern in holes of putting  it for sale on etsy.   
  5. I Looked up the cost of making the kits.   
  6. I went to goodwill and bought a sun suit for granddaughter for twenty percent off the already cheap price. 
  7. I purchased velvet hangers cheaper  than Costco at goodwill, again on a twenty percent discount .
  8. I came home, are  my homemade lunch and set out to clean and purge my short rack in the closet, ready to take a load to goodwill.   
  9. I made banana, blueberry bread to use the ripe bananas that were left, and my own jello for jello parfait.   
  10. I grocery shopped making best use of the specials and coupons.   
I'm finishing dinner and going to bed!     

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