Monday, May 4, 2015

Five frugal things

Five frugal things I used the last few days.
1) got a haircut while they  were 1/2 price.  
2)not six tops that retailed for 35-39.00 for 3.15 each!
3) got a beautiful scarf at the dollar store.
4) spent 28.99 at Fred Meyers and got a cooler full plus two bags full of good actual foods using specials and coupons.
5) bought a new 70.00 top at the goodwill for ten bucks.
Bonus is 6) I made 16 cards with the one sheet wonder I designed!  

You can have a decent lifestyle on a meager budget!    I downloaded the months coupons from coupons,com.   There were not many coupons for real food.

I did buy five plus pounds of pork loin.   We can have pork roast, stirfry, pork chops, pork stew, pork fried rice.    Etc.

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