Thursday, May 14, 2015

The ads

QFC has a two week ad.  Methods os the second week for these deals.

Berries 2/4
Broccoli .99
Milk 4/5
Oranges .88
Strawberries 2/5

Mangos 5/3
Spinach .89
Nalleys chili .99@@

Tillamook yogurt .38@@

Coupon mania
Hunts BBQ sauce .99@@
Frozen entres .78@@

Corn 4/2
Berries BOGO.  Hard to tell if that's a good price or not.
Chicken .88
Coffee 7.99$$?
Brownie mix .99@@

Five dollar Friday
Bushes beans 5/5$$
Solid white tuna 5/5

There are a just for you coupon for three dollars off of twenty.  

With some effort, you could probably,come up woth twenty dollars worth of good buys.  

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