Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The ads 5-5-15

The ads.  I'm not impressed this week.  Fred Meyers was about the best on Sunday that I see.  None the less, here are the ads.  

Groceries on the cheap is a different way of looking at how you shop and cook food.  The basis of it comes from my mother.  I have been working in the concept of good food cheap for about fifty years now and have perfected a system that works.  It works in any economy, anytime.   I spend
Seventy five dollars a week for my husband and I and supplement my daughter and her daughter.  With that, I have amassed  a large pantry.   I am in perishable foods only mode with feed exceptions to pare down the stock.    Ot will be interesting to see what the stats for the next few months play out.  

Basically, the mantra is never pay full price for anything.    You buy when your staple items and a meat is at it's lowest, and eat when it is the highest price.    I take the  so called loss leader of meat and I buy enough to last us for a months worth of that type of meal.   I precook if appropriate and freeze.  Working on a four week cycle.   I have a matrix for meal plans that makes it  easier and faster to set your meals for the week.

  • 2 beef
  • 2 pork or chicken 
  • 2 vegetarian 
  • 1 fish or shellfish
Your matrix may be different.   Use whatever works for your family.

This is more detailed on earlier posts.   

I digress....the ads 

Strawberries 2 lbs 3.88
Cantelope  .69
Salads 2/5
Corn 4/2
Yoplait 5/10
Kens salad dressing bogo$$. 
Cucumbers 1.00

Five dollar Friday 
Blues - 18 ounces 


Blues  3.00  - 6 ounces *
Raspberries 5.00- 12 ounces *
Tillamook cheese 3.99 - 1 lb*
Corn 5/3*
Barilla 4/4@@
No bargains here.   Cheese is 5-6 on sake all the time for TWO pounds!  Same brand.   

QFC - two weeks 
Broccoli .99
Berries 2/4 6 ounces
Oranges .88 
Tomatoes ,99
Barilla 3/4**


Cucumbers 1.00
Salad 2/4
Blues 18 ounces 8.99**
Berries - 6 ounces 3/10 ( 3.33) 

Note wide range of prices for berries.   

Blues  per 18 ounces 
QFC 6.00
Haggens. 9.00
SAFEWAYS  5.00 (Friday only) 

So much for ads.  Again, it's a holiday weekend, not much in sales.   

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