Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Memorial Day Sales

Memorial Day Sales can be a good time to stock up on picnic type supplies for the summer.   I am posting the prices of several typical things for this time of year.  You will need to cross off those items that are a higher price than elsewhere to find the best buys.   Also check coupon matchups.  


Cantaloupe  .59
Country style ribs. 1.99
grapes 2.49
blues 5.00-18 ounces
Johnsonville sausage 2/5$$
BBQ sauce .99@@
Dreyers 2.99@@
Corn 3/89@@
romas 1.00
Tillamook Cheese 7.99


BBQ sauce 399@@
Bushes Beans @@ check for manufacturers coupon

Buy 4 save 2 net prices

Strawberries 3.99 2 lbs
Hebrew National franks 2/7.00
Breyers 2/5
Butter 1.99
Johnsonville Brats 3.99 ck coupons


Peppers 1.00
Dreyers 2.88
Bushes beans 3/5
Corn 8/2
Buns .88

Five Dollar Friday
Chocolate Boston Cream
Ice Cream 2/5
Blues and Raspberries 12-18 ea
5 lbs gold medal flour 2/5
10 count K cups

that's about it.

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