Sunday, May 24, 2015

Fred Meyers ad

Quick fm ad today.

Grill pack chicken .89
Raspberries 4/5

Peeled baby carrots .99
Apples, asst.   .99
Lettuce .99
30 percent hamburger 2.97
Eggs 4/5
Grapes 1.88
Cantaloupe .59
Jello or cool whip .79@@
Black olives .99@@
Tomatoes  2/4
Yoplait .39

That's about it,

Jello and cool whip make a low carb parfait when you use sugar free jello.
Yogurt is cheap, parfaits, Popsicles?   For Popsicles mix vanilla yogurt with fruit juice ( orange) add a splash of vanilla and freeze on pops.   A lot more healthy for the kids than sugar water!  

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