Sunday, May 10, 2015

10 ways to save bucks on food.

After watching numbers is videos on cheap eats, I feel compelled to wrote ten ways to saveon groceries   without eating chickpea tofu or potatoes, breaded chicken, carrots and corn bread....can you spell pure starch!     LOL. To each his own, but it's not mainstream in my eyes.

I digress. Here goes.

  1. Stick to coffee tea, milk, and water out of the tap.    Herbal teas are really good, and make good iced tea.  Fruit teas can be found at the dollar tree or on sale with coupons. Sodas are expensive and have little food value.   
  2. Avoid the chip isle .  Popcorn in bulk (Costco) is cheap and actually healthy when popped with an air popper.   
  3. Think out of the box  and try new recipes,knowing that simple foods cost less and are easier to cook.   
  4. A hop the perimeter of the store.  The big sellers are going to be at eye level on the shelves.   Manufacturers pay for shelving fees.  Those fees are going to be passed on to you.  Look up and look down.    Buy fresh fruits and veggies that are in season.   You get  better taste for less money.   Buy typical holiday foods when they are in sale at or nearly after the holiday.   
  5. Stock your staple items.  Those are things you go for frequently when cooking dinner that are shelf ready.   Set yourself a quantity limit and a price limit.   That would be the rock bottom price (RBP) That  it sells for.   The object is to replenish when the proce is at it's lowest.   
  6. Don't be brand loyal.   Store brands are often lots cheaper.  
  7. Don't be grocery store loyal.   Show the two stores that have what you need at the lowest prices that week.   Go, get what you,need, and get out.  The  longer you stay in a store, the more money you will spend.  
  8. Buy the protein loss leader for the week.   Buy it in bulk, cook it if appropriate and portion control in packages you will need for one meal.   Rotate meats on a monthly basis. 
  9. Plan meals.   Write an outline that best suits your family and is still within a Budget.  Our matrix is 2 beef, 2'chicken or pork, 2'vegetarian, and 1'fish or shellfish,  plan some quick and easy meals to avoid the let's go through the fast food line or order pizza syndrome.   
  10. Keep track of your vegetable bin and adjust meals to incorporate things that need to be eaten soon.   There are apps that let you plug in an ingredient and it tells you,what you can make. The USDA also has an ap that takes the guess  work out of  knowing if a particular food is good to eat.    

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