Saturday, May 16, 2015

Tomorrow's ads for Fred Meyers

A quick blog, another with meals from the ads .  

The smart source that comes in the newspaper has a coupon for fifty cents off two suddenly salads.   The dollar store takes coupons and has suddenly salad.  Just check with the manager to be sure it is in their computer.  It os a legit coupon, it's just that when I went before, it wasn't in the computer and the manager was lost in space!    It is a good fast side if you are I a hurry.   Used to use it on the boat.  

There is also a coupon for a dollar  off of Digiorno pizza.  

Fred Meyers has

Blueberries 1.99
Good ground beef 3.99
Tuna .79
Lettuce .99
Potatoes, 5 lbs .99
Apples .99
Ritz 3/5@@$$
Tillamook ice cream 2.99@@
Red vines 5.99@@
Cucumbers, or green peppers 2/1.00

That's about all

Thanks. See you I'm a minute with meal plans and notes.


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