Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Fred Meyer ad

Good time for basic food this week at Fred Meyers .   Milk and eggs are both a buck.    Oranges Are .59.  

Boneless half loin roast is 1.88
Lettuce .99
Apples .99
Broccoli .99
Hunts pasta sauce .89
Pace picante sauce 1.89 ( 16 ounces ). Note the small one at the dollar store.
Yoplait 10/5.

Good ground beef 3.99
Milk .99@@
Canned veggies, tomatoes, beans..49@@ limit 6@@
BREYERS or Klondike 2/5@@

That's about it.  

Lots of basics and some at stock prices.    Beans and tomatoes are a really good buy at .49.  Even if you can only buy six.     It's a good start or fill in.  

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