Sunday, May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

Since I can't sleep and I have already cleaned the bathroom and reorganized the shelves, I thought I would get  a head  in a Mother's Day post.   LOL

There was a show in the 50's called I remember MAMA.   I was laying  here thinking of all the things that stood out about my mother.   My grocery shopping Savvy came from my mother and a whole lot of reading and trial and error.   I am still evolving.   My mother had many talents.   I miss her every day.  

On another subject.   There are a lot of organizational posts on u tube.  Many are from young people and their dollar store hauls.    The best organizational tip for your kitchen is to put things where you use them.   The less steps you can take to get a job done,the more jobs you can do .   The more you do by scratch in the kitchen, the more money you can save.    I have the coffee and tea pots on the kitchen counter above the dishwasher. It's next to the sink so filling the units is easy. The  cupboard above the dishwasher  has cups, tea, and teapots.  

Unloading the dishwasher, if you pull all of one thing out at a time and stack plates and bowls, you are taking one trip to the cupboard to out them in.   I know some people that set the dinner table on the morning as they unload the dishwasher.   It saves a step and the table is ready for dinner.  

Prepping food as it comes home from the store, or sometime afterwards when you have the uninterrupted time, saves tome and money.  I just saw  a clever lady make hummus, place it in portion cups ( Betty crocker at the dollar store- several in a package) .  Then she cut pita bread and packed it on a quart zip lock.   It was all ready for her to grab out of the fridge  and take to work or for kids to take to school.  

Getting organized is a real key to savvy grocery shopping and carrying the idea in through to meal plans and using up perishables before they go bad.  

Checking the fridge and incorporating things on the edge onto your meals is a real money saver.   Use the USDA app to check the actual pull dare on foods before you toss them.  Obviously of they are growing hair prettier than yours,they need to get pitched.  LOL.

It takes so,e effort to stay in top of things, but the savings are well worth it. You spend more time managing your stock and shopping, and less time cooking.    It all averages out.   After you get into a routine, it actually probably takes less time than you took before.  

I do less than I did before the store closed, but in some ways I do more.  I expanded my business and still keep house and babysit and belong to a women's group.  

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