Monday, May 11, 2015

My marathon cooking

I have a five pound chicken that we purchased for .88 a pound at Fred Meyers.   I also have a six pound pork loin I purchased for 10.38.   Total about 15.00.  

Today in 40 minutes, I marathon cooked it all-- kinda sor of.  

I put the chicken in a crockpot with carrots on the bottom and a dry rub.  Cook it for an hour a pound on high.   Makes for good breast meat and the rest is like pulled chicken for sandwiches, tacos, casseroles etc.

I butchered the pork loin into

  • Two packages of two pork chops. 
  • A two pound roast  for roast pork, BBQ pork sandwiches 
  • A crockpot 1/2 full of pork cubes being slow cooked on salt, pepper, beer.   For pork stew, and tacos, or enchiladas, or to put in a soup.    
12 meals for us for 15.00.    Now, there are only two of us that eat meat.   I would guess that nine meals could be had for a proverbial family of four ( two adults and two school aged children) I'm not talking teen age boys here! LOL.   

This is a quick marathon session.  It takes me a whole lot longer when I do ten pounds of hamburger into 
  • Meatballs
  • Meatloaf
  • Hamburger crumbles 
  • Taco meat
On another note, I found a u tube a fellow made making a tex-mex dinner of refried beans, Spanish roce, and enchalladas.  I was mostly interested in a quick and easy enchalada sauce. I found it as cheap as fifty cents, but homemade would be cheaper.   

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