Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Fred Meyer breakdown

Total spent 29.10
The biggest purchase was a pork loin, actually a half pork loin for 10.34.   I will cut it up and make several meals put of it, freezing some.   It was over five pounds since it was 1.88 a pound,  

  • A roast 
  • Pork chops 
  • Cubes for stew 
  • Stir fry 
  • Fried rice.   
  • BBQ sandwiches sliced thin.   

My aunt used to grind a roast leftovers, add  mayo and pickle and use it for sandwiches .   

  • Green beans and white corn (6) the limit on the coupon.   .50 beats 1.59. 
  • Cherub baby tomatoes 3.49 plus shredded lettuce .88 minus a dollar coupon.   ( tacos) 
  • 10 Yoplait at .50
  • 2 eggs at .99
  • 2 milk at .99
  • Mayonaise 1.99

I had no Yoplait coupons this time.   

I made  a salad for a pot luck last night .  

Orzo .45 with coupon 
Pickled asparagus ( dollar store) 
Baby tomatoes cut in half 
Black olives ( on my replenish list ) - my target price is 1.00. 
Orange peppers ( 3/1 at grocery outlet ( Canadian) 
Italian dressing ( .75 a bottle on sale) 

That's about all.   

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