Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Bullet day : ten ways to cut sugar and carbs

It is bullet day - keeping with the theme of yesterday,we will tackle sugar.  Reducing our sugar consumption will help is loose weight and save money too.    So, here are ways to reduce our sugar intake.

  • Stop adding sugar to coffee and tea.   
  • Avoid soda pop and substitute a sparkling water with no sodium and sugar or just plain water,   
  • Stop buying sugar laden cold cereal.   Try oatmeal with some fruit and a sprinkle of cinnamon sugar.   I keep equal parts in a shaker.   The cinnamon is supposed to be good for diabetes ??? And it cuts the sugar. 
  • When baking, you can frequently use less sugar in a recipe. Using recipes from the depression  era or the WWII era is a great resource,   
  • A lot of sauces and dressings call for sugar and can be avoided or you can use less product or make them with less sugar.   
  • Make that candy bar a seldom treat instead of a daily occurrence.   
  • Count your carbs.   It's the easiest way to reduce your sugar in your diet and reduce calories all  the while.    If it's a desert or snack it needs to be less than 20.   
  • Read labels ,   Things you would never dream that there was sugar in, have sugar.   
  • Catsup has sugar, sometimes HFCS thatnis exceptionally bad.  Now they are calling it natural sugar in some cases.   
  •  Peanut butter has sugar and so does Nutella.   Read labels, so,e have less hydrogenated oil and sugar than others,   The ingredients are listed in order of volume.    

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