Saturday, April 15, 2017

Tomorrow's Fred Meyer ad

 As usual, there are no coupons in the paper because it's a holiday weekend. There are a few buys  well it's not a great week. 

  • Foster Farms chicken breast, boneless 1.77'
  • Mandarines 3 pounds 2.99
  • Milk .99
  • Cheerios 3/5 
  • Yoplait 10/5. $$ 
  • Blackberries 2/4 
  • Cucumbers , radishes, green onions 2/99
  • Pears .99
Themchicken is not a bad buy.  It's cheaper to de bone split breasts and I prefer to have the opportunity of making broth without buying the whole chicken.  Most of our family doesn't like the dark meat,   

Milk is good and yoplait can be .40 each with a coupon and multiples.   

Radishes and cucumbers are a great price


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