Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Safeways haul

Note for those not in the PNW.   We had a big shake up in the grocery chains a year or so ago.  Albertsons and Safeway merged, were sold and sold again.  Albertsons kept both stores and each kept its own brand, but the prices and ads  are identical. Not to be redundant, I personally merged  the name to be Alberways and only post the ad once.

Safeways is the store closest to us and there is a dollar tree 

Sauerkraut .79
kens salad  dressing  BOGO 1.99
Butter  1.49
2 Jimmy Dean sausage regular price 5.79 at QFC.   Used coupons net 2.24 
1 lbs strawberries 2.88 

Total 15.12 
Savings 57 percent 

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