Friday, April 14, 2017

Winco haul.

Last Winco haul for the week.   Lots of this haul was for stock items.  So far this year, our total food at home including stocking is sitting at 43 percent of the amount that would be out SNAP allotment if we had one.   I think the point I am making is that you can eat and not run out of budget before  you run out of month and still  eat well.    It's easy to spend more, so if you can make a small budget work, you have the skills to deal with less if you have to.

Winco haul :  does not include entertainment budget.

Ground beef 7 percent - 9.87
Salami 2.28
Diced potatoes .58
Granny Smith apples .98
Chicken granules 1.31
Hash browns, frozen .78
Pink lady 🍎  .98

Total 25.25
 Week total 75.34

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