Monday, April 17, 2017

Monday : motivational kitchen mgmt,

First: Fred Meyer small haul :

Blue cheese ( Easter dinner )
Yogurt. ( 5 with coupon )

Total  9.45 and used 1.30 coupons -10 percent

Rewritten meal plan to compensate for food that needs to be used up and our schedules .

  • Taco soup ( from the sloppy joes Friday night)  bread 
  • Pizza : ham and pineapple 
  • Potato soup with ham 
  • Fish packets 
  • Roast chicken breast, oven roasted veggies ( potato, carrot, radishes ) 
  • Homemade chicken nuggets , oven fries, and veggie plate 
  • Breakfast 4 dinner (ham ) 
Kitchen management list 

  • Clean veggies with vinegar,   potatoes for soup and oven roasted X2 , radishes. Carrots , veggie plate.   
  • Chop ham, freeze what isn't going to be used.   
  • Make note on calendar to  thaw chicken for two meals , and fish for packets ,   
  • Wash and wax kitchen floor 
  • Clean fridge. 
  • Straighten pantry, 
  • Make bread dough 
  • Make bread 
  • Wash fruit for deserts and breakfasts. 
  • Start taco soup  in the slow cooker
  •   Make beans 
First, put list in  order to maximize time,   Things that take longest first.   What can be doing itself while you are doing the next  thing on the list.    I will make bread dough so it can be rising and cook the beans in the pressure cooker.   Clean the veggies  and chop the ham  while the beans are cooking and finish the soup when the beans are done.   

Clean up last.    

Having a list helps especially of you have a tendency to get off track or spend too much time on one chore. If you keep moving, you'll be some on no time and dinners at dinner time will be a snap.    

I listed my hip too far this week, so some of my work will be done sitting on a bar stool.   Whatever works.    

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