Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Cooked chicken cubes

I just found some recipes on the Betty Crocker web site. I get e mails. It so a good resource for recipes. Some of them are not on a thrifty budget, but substitutions and some scratch work can make them work. I always splurge and get REAL PARMESAN CHEESE, OR I SUBSTITUTE ANOTHER HARD CHEESE.Grocery Outlet is a good source for different, variety cheeses. The prices are sometimes lower, but surely comparable to other stores. I almost always get coffee there. Their veggies are not always the best. Sometimes frozen foods Re really good. Be sure to check pull dates.

Chicken Parmesan is a good dish to use the chicken breasts that I de boned. Also there is a recipe that ads an a'grautin potato box with parm, cooked chicken cubes, and green beans. I have green beans that I got for .33 at Winco. A gratin potatoes are .75 at ALBERTSONS, ( I think) check the last post! This could easily be a less than three dollar dinner.

If you find the staples in your dinners at a low cost, you can afford small splurges like real Parmesan cheese.

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