Saturday, August 24, 2013

Sunny Sunday

My husband had to go to the dollar store for a sunflower seeds run, so he picked up the Sunday paper for me. I was cooling banana blueberry breads and pulling chicken. I already deboned chicken breasts.

Fred Meyer posts their ads Ono Sunday to run until Saturday.
TOMMORROW s prices
Corn is 10/3.00
Zucchini .88
Hebrew national 2/6
Black olives .99@@@
Sour cream .99@@@
Apples, new crop. .88
Grill pack .99
Tillamook ice cream 2/6 @@@
Cheese 2/9 @@@@*** worth the trip
Lettuce .88
Cucumbers, green peppers 2/1
Peaches or nectarines 1.28

Rite Aid
Heinz pickles, old El Paso taco shells kit 2/5' then a 1.00 up reward. Makes them 2/4. There is a coupon for .60 off three. Old el paso products.
Kellogg's cereals, BOGO. There is a dollar off three coupon on
Case of water, 2.99 with a dollar up reward makes it 1.99 if you buy water.

Check coupon connections for match ups on Sunday.

Next time...meal plans.

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