Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The ads for 8/28

It's that time of the week again. Groceries on the cheap is based on buying your food at rock bottom prices and eating it when the prices are high . Buy vegetables and fruit that is in season. It will taste better, and be cheaper too. You are not,spending any more money, because you are paying 1/2 price for your food, you just buy in quantity when it is cheap. It's not about hoarding. It's about buying in quantity while it is cheap and buying enough to last you until it goes on sale again. You are buying staple items that your family uses a lot of. This is not unlike what our grandmothers did canning for the winter on the farm.

Pick one meat a week that is low priced and buy enough to batch cook portions to serve a meal a week for a month.
Rotate each week till you have a variety of meals.

The buys


Corn 6/2
Hillshire farms smoked sausage 1.99

5 dollar Friday
Starkest tuna 5/5

Mega 10 sale

Scalloped potatoes .75
Cheerios 1.49
Fiber one bars

Old El Paso tacos

( note there are some coupons out there. )


Grill pack chicken .99
Tomatoes .99

4 day sale. FSSM
Peaches .99
Hebrew national franks 2/6
Butter 2.00
Strawberries 2/5
Radishes, green onions 2/1


Ground beef 20 percent 2.47
Chicken of the sea .88
Pears .99
15 percent ground beef 2/6

There are not a lot of good buys this week. That is not unusual for a holiday weekend. It is also not unusual for the retailers to put hot dogs on sale, but not the buns. You can get around that by making pigs in blankets with bisquick or putting the hot dogs on Mac and cheese.

Be sure to cross off anything you don't want or need and anything that is cheaper elsewhere. Pick the best two stores. Plan your trip to make best use of your gas. Be sure to check the blog for last weeks Fred Meyers ad. I suspect that QFC and Fred Meyer are going to be the best prices. Especially because cheese is cheap at Fred Meyer on a coupon.

Chicken has been on sale for .99 a pound for grill packs. I have been deboneing the breasts and cooking off the rest of the pack for shredded chicken and stock. I had jalapeƱo Mac and cheese with pulled chicken last week. It was really good. Pulled chicken sandwiches, tacos, Cesar salad? It's easy and almost cooks itself.

Radishes are .50. They are really good roasted with root vegetables.

The first of each month I usually do a series on the basics of groceries on the cheap. If you are new to the blog, either look at back posts, or I will post sometime this weekend.

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