Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday Meal Plans

Good Morning. I have already done a shopping blog for today because I got the paper early. I cooked several hours yesterday, but got meat for 5 meals for 5 bucks. Only three of is eat meat, but still for a family of four there is easily 4 meals there with one being soup. I froze my chicken stock on my plastic egg cartons. I will pop them put and do it again with the stock I had left. I don't have ice cube trays anymore, that was my husbands idea!

I bought two batch cooking meats this week. ALBERTSONS and Fred Meyers both have foster Farms chicken grill packs for .99 a pound. My trouble with Fred Meyers is that I have been twice, once I was overcharged and they didn't have what was on ad in stock both times. in my eyes, they are not reliable. It is in the next town, so I don't want to drive there to find that they are yet , again out of stock.


I have developed an matrix for meal planning. I want to offer my family a variety of protein sources.

2 beef
2 chicken or pork
2 vegetarian
1 fish or shellfish

Beef and fish are getting expensive. By using a matrix, the expense is offset by the chicken and vegetarian meals. Ypu can make chicken be as expensive or more expensive than beef, but watching sales and cooking it yourself gives you a better price and you know where your chicken comes from .

1) lomdon broil, baked potato, green salad

2) meatballs, spaghetti , bread sticks, salad.

3) Mac and cheese with chicken shreds, peas and carrots.

4) Smoked sausage, potato salad, coleslaw. Fruit.

5) Vegetable lasagna , green salad, French bread

6) bean and rice burritos , lettuce and tomatoes, fruit desert cup

7) white fish , cheesey potatoes, corn on the cob, salad

Lomdon broil was 3.00 a pound at safeways. chicken was .99 at albertsons. Ground beef was 2.79 at Costco in bulk for 9 percent. Smoked sausage was 1.39 with sales and coupons. Fish was frozen at Costco. Corn on thncob continues to be .30 each. lasagna noodles were 1.40 at big lots. Salad was a dollar at safeways. French bread was 1.89 for six at the bakery outlet. Mixed vegetables are at the dollar store.

I spent 1.5 hours shopping this week. If you have to go a town away to get good prices, make it worth your while and stock up on things that will keep and that you use frequently. You are not driving all over town to save .15.

I am still looking for free or almost free laundry detergent. I finally found chillies for .50. It will happen,it's all a matter of time. Until then, I will use Costco.

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