Friday, August 23, 2013

Finally Friday

It's Friday, especially a good day because I had to work a double shift yesterday. LOL

he Betty Crocker e mail yesterday had a wonderful raspberry cake in the crockpot. A little tedious because of separating eggs and several steps,but it looks really good for a end of the summer BBQ.

SAFEWAYS has a meat sale. The price is right on the edge of 5 dollar dinners, but a taste of roast beef is good treat in this point in time. Roast is the same price as 20 percent hamburger.
Ground turkey is 5.00 as well as Johnsonville brats.

ALBERTSONS has foster Farms grill packs for .99, 15 percent hamburger for 2.49.
The grill packs are fresh. They have leg quarters and a 1/2 of a breast. You could debone the breast and cook off the leg quarters and portion them out. I would prefer a whole chicken, but if you are looking for boneless, skinless chicken breasts, that is about as cheap as you can get them. The stock meat item this week is definitely grill packs.

Boning a chicken breast is as simple as running a share knife along the bone. I am sure that there are videos on how to do it on U tube. It saves a lot of money.

My girlfriend sent me a Pinterest article on marathon cooking. The lady was talking about what she cooked and froze and what she portion controlled and put on the freezer to cook later. She also cooks ground meat and chicken. Pork is usually frozen raw. I do freeze sausage crumbles. She posted really really good buys on meat, like .50 cents a package good. I don't know where she lives, but I haven't seen that good of a deal since top used to put all their on the edge meat in a bin and froze it. To was wrapped in freezer wrap. I used to get hamburger for 3/1.00. That was a good twenty years ago!

I have discovered that tastes and prices fluctuate between parts of the country. I have heard that vegetables are cheaper in the mid west. Coffee and butter are not?
I can only post in the perspective of the pacific north west. Many ideas work everywhere. Prices vary, but so does the amount of food stamps. It is based on the COL index and the USDA statistics, and the size and ages and sex of your family members.

What you get from this blog is my perspective, you need to take from it what works for you.

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