Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Alternative grocery haul. -2.00 over

I decided because we are well stocked for us, I would go on a no spend May.    That means my budget for fresh fruit and veggies etc is thirty dollars.    I spent  thirty two.

Groceey Outlet
Bag of Romas 2.49
Land of lakes butter 2/4
Deli sliced  cheese 2.39

Dollar Tree

4.5 pounds pinto beans 3.00
4 packages hormel pepperoni 2.00 regular wimco price 6.80.  Note: coupons,com coupons.
( Easter candy is 4/1)


Sour cream 1.18
Idahoan mashed potatoes .38 instead of .89 at FM
Bell peppers .78
Grape tomatoes / large container 5.98
Gala apples .98 a pound
English cucumber .78
Less .12 bag refund

Total 32.00.

Grocery outlet and DT are three towns over from us, but I needed to go there for an appointment so we stopped.  I can usually make up the cost of gas with savings.  

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