Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Thursday bullets - what to bring to the grocery store.

Thursday bullets : what to bring to the grocery store.  

  1. Bags :   Around here, some cities have banned plastic grocery bags.   Some cities charge you for your gricerynbags, some don't,  and some give you a credit (Winco) for bringing bags.   Bags that clip onto your cart work well and are more sanitary.    Studies have shown poop germs on the bottom of the carts.    Yuk!   
  2. Coupon binder or envelope.   Having coupons for the things that you know you will buy he,os a lot.  Having them organized means you will have a better chance of using them. 
  3. Rewards cards.    Every bit helps.    Our Kroger gives something sway every week. Don't take it ofmyou will never use it, but we take things we know we can pass on tonsomeone that dies need it.    -- food bank?    Cat lover?    
  4. Calculater or your phone of it has one on it,   A lot these days have unit prices in ounces, not per can.  Bulk items need to be calculated to know if they are a bargain or not.     
  5. The ads.    Circle the things that you are interested in- a good reminder.     
  6. Small scissors  to clip coupons from the store ads if necessary.    Sometimes Winco has coupons on the entrance.    
  7. Hand sanitizer.       Chicken cooties.      Enough said.   
  8. A list of what you need if you are out of something.  

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