Thursday, May 4, 2017

Friday recipe : vegetable chilli - slowcooker

This is a adaptation of my vegetable soup.   It came as a clean up, use  up refrigerator hack.  

Vegetable chilli.

2 cups dry pinto beans 
1/2 can diced green chilies 
1 cup COOKED hamburger, de-fatted and drained 
Enough water to cover beans to your second knuckle 
Process in insta pot or other cooker on bean cycle or cook until beans are tender 

Drain in colander.    

Switch imsta pot  to sauté mode (or sauté in pan with a little olive oil ) 
Olive oil 
2 carrots, sliced thin. 
2 stalks of celery chopped 

Switch to slow cooker mode and ADD 
Reserved bean mixture. 
2 cans diced tomatoes.  Do not drain 
1 quart stock of choice : vegetable, tomato or beef 
1 T taco seasoning 

Program for desired hours (6-10) 

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