Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Grocery outlet and dollar tree

Guess where we went!    LOL

Holiday time  is a good time to stock  picnic supplies.  Prices are about  as low as they get on picnic type fare.  

I got plastic trays for the deck table to make eating out there easier.   Wenwalk threw two rooms to get to the family room door, so it should make life easier carrying our plates.  

I also get a pound cake from DT.  I have strawberries and whip cream already,   We are having Texas stew for dinner,   It's in the slow cooker/ insta pot.  I brought the ingr Donets up to warm woth the sauté feature because so,emofmthem were frozen and then switched to slow cooker.  

Grocery outlet

  • Bluecheese 3.49
  • Wish bone  Italian dressing - good for marinade.   At pull date.25 
  • Lemon snack bars .99
  • Pudding mixes , chocolate caramel  3/1 
  • Tomato paste , hunts. Ind packets .99
  • Challenge butter 1.98
  • Nathan's franks 2/5 
  • Sliced Italian salami 199
  • Total 15.93  - saves 41.65 

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