Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Tuesday thoughts

Wednesday last, I went to get the needed dairy products at QFC because they were in sale,  I also picked up a box of raspberries.  I always try to keep two or three kinds of fresh fruit in the house.

I also always check the mark down section ever since I found one of my meds for less  than Costco charges .  They marked it down  because the box had been opened, but then it contained three boxes that were still factory sealed,    I got two cans of  S &; W low sodium chilli beans for .49 each,   The good deal happened when I used an.55 coupon.  I got two cans for .43.   Or .215 a can.

It just a mindset,   You can have good food, watch the nasty 😷 salt, sugar, trans fats, sulfite, hydrogenated  oils, HFCS, and preservatives and still eat on a budget.

  • Know your prices and unless it's something you really really can't do without, don't buy anything unless it's at your target price.    
  • Buy dairy when it's on sale and buy enough to feed your family before the sell by date  expires.
  • Buy fresh produce in season and buy it as close to out of the  earth as you can.   .   In other words, less packaging  and handling is better for the most part.   Certain stores are better than others for produce.  I got ten pounds of potatoes for less than what five pounds cost at another store,    
  • Buy a limited variety of cuts of meat,  buy it in bulk and portion control it.   Cook it if it is appropriate and freeze it.  Certain cuts are very versatile .  I always cook and de-fat ground beef and sausage,   It's more efficient than cooking as you need it,    Tonight I threw cooked hamburger, enchalada sauce   That I purchased for a dime, and taco seasoning that I made .10) in the insta pot on sauté,   As soon as it came to a boil, I reprogrammed it to slow cooker  and let it simmer.    It took a matter of minutes.    
  •  Make your bread if possible,   The cost is about  a tenth of the cost of buying it.    There are recipes that are really fast and easy,   ( non passive time ) 
  • Load up on picnic supplies around summer holiday time,    It will be the cheapest prices on things like BBQ sauce, catsup , mustard etc.    
  • Things  like olive oil, flour and beans are cheaper if you can buy bulk at a warehouse store,    pinto beans  are cheapest  at the dollar tree and they are non GMO and grown and packaged  in the USA.     Costco is cheaper, but we can't use 25 pounds before they go bad,   

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