Monday, May 1, 2017

Kitchen management

Week of may 8th

Looks like this week will be using up most of the remaining potatoes.   It's hard for us to use a whole bag of russets, it takes a concentrated effort to finish a bag before it goes bad.    Ten pounds of potatoes cost barely anything more than the five pound bag.

  • Clean fridge, dump  anything dead and salvage anything that needs to be salvaged: cook it, freeze it, dry it, incorporate it onto a meal.   
  • Wash and clean veggies for stir fry and peppers, chop and put on jars .  
  • Wash potatoes with vinegar water.   Dry and place in a colander.  - potato soup,sausage and peppers. , fries 
  •  Disinfect countertops and sink including drains.   
  •  Wash refrigerator vent.   
  • Wash kitchen floor
  •  Make pizza dough
  •  Make bread, and bread dough if necessary

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