Saturday, May 6, 2017

Fred Meyers ad

Sundays ad is here.     The ads are not much about food.   Most of it is Mother's Day .    There are, however, some good deals.

  • Blueberries  and raspberries 2/3 
  • Milk .99 including chocolate 
  • La croix water  1.99
  • Sour cream/cottage cheese 2/4 - larger
  • Ragu 2/3$$
  • FF split chicken breast 1.29
  • Naval oranges .9

My target meat - rotation meat would be themso,otmchickem breast.  It's not as good as the .87 ones we gotma few weeks back, but if you didn't get them, this would be good.    It's still a WHOLE lot cheaper than 8.00 a pound.   

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