Sunday, May 21, 2017

Meal plans -may 22

Meal  plans save time, effort, and money and a lot of stress.  

Focus....taste of home - Meals on one pan

1 beef
1 fish or shellfish
3 chicken or pork
2 vegetarian

  • Pizza 🍕- a favorite and basic pizza cost little more than a dollar.   A good way to use up bits of leftovers 
  • Breakfast 4 Dimner - another great way to feed family for less.    Eggs are still .10 or less.   
  • Texas stew.: a slow cooker meal with hamburger, hominy, corn , tomatoes, beans, etc.    - Taste of Home 
  • Stuffed pasta shells , broccoli. 
  • Asparagus and shrimp angelhair ( sub green beans ) 
  • Chicken enchaladas woth sour cream sauce.   
  • Mediterranean Pork and orzo 

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