Thursday, May 25, 2017

Thursday bullets - ten thing never to eat

Some of this is  from a registered dietitian, but I also have heard it from multiple sources including my dear mother.    LOL.   It's not good to fool Mother Nature and fake is  fake.     This is my opinion, based on my reading.   I'm not a doctor and you need to use your own judgement.
  1. Orange juice from concentrate has  more sugar than a soda.    
  2. Soda pop.     It's full of sugar and the fizz can leach the calcium from your bones, so they say. 
  3. Margarine and fake butter.   Hey, I really want to know why palm oil is supposedly cancer producing and terrible on Nutella, but it's ok in fake butter.     If you want to reduce the bad fat in your butter, try land of lakes butter with olive oil.   Olive oil is supposed to be for good cholesterol.   
  4. Fake sugar.   They are telling us that sugar is bad for you, but fake sugar is worse.    I guess moderation is the key. I've taken to not using sugar at all in my drinks.    
  5. Cheap whole wheat bread.   Not much different than cheap white bread.    Look at the nutrition label.    The more fiber it has, the better.    
  6. Soy milk.    I don't have a clue why, but that's what the nutritionists say. 
  7. Tilipa.   Dirty........that's all I can say. 
  8. Southern grown chicken.    Local is better.   There is more to it.    
  9. Individual packets of microwave oatmeal.    Cost more and have less nutrition.   
  10. Microwave popcorn.   It's not the corn, it's the stuff they put in it.   
  11. Bonus: cheap hot dogs.   There is a difference between Hebrew national and Nathan's vs the other brands.   Some hot dogs 🌭 have mystery ingredients.    There is also a faction out there that is against all processed meats.    We like them, so my answer is moderation. 

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