Monday, May 8, 2017

Monday , May 8th kitchen management.

Note: no one expects you to do my kitchen management, it's just an example of the thought process.  Doing some up front work for an hour or so makes mealtime a lot less stressful.

  1. Wash the stove vent  filter ,   ( dishwasher ) indonthis thenfirst ofmthe month as recommended by the installer of the stove.   
  2. Wash potatoes, carrots, celery and peppers in vinegar water and dry,   Put   potatoes in a colander.   
  3. Cook bacon , drain and crumble 
  4. Make pizza dough,   Place in fridge in a container with a lid . 
  5. Make note on the day before having chicken nuggets to thaw the chicken breast.  
  6. Shred parm cheese for the speghetti and meatballs and the chicken nuggets. 
  7. Chop  vegetables for stir fry,   
  8. Clean fridge and reorganize shelves.   
  9. Straighten pantry,  
  10. Wash kitchen floor and disinfect countertops and sinks including drains.   

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