Saturday, January 21, 2017

5 more kitchen hacks

five more kitchen hacks.  

  1. Wash vegetables with vinegar water.   Cleaning vegetables in bulk and chopping thisemthat need chopping saves time and moneymbecaisemyounaremusing one bucket or sink of vinegar water and things are ready when you need them 
  2. Deli containers are about.50 on Amazon and are a real boon for storing things in the fridge,   Theynstack and have universal lids so they take a lot less room on your container cupboard and  are easily stored in the fridge.   
  3. Make a salad of tomatoes and cucumbers and a vinegrette.   Add any leftover blanched veggies to it as the week progresses.   Cucumbers, tomatoes, fresh blanched green beans, brocolli, blanched carrots.    
  4. Don't store potatoes and onions on the same place.    Omemgovesmoff a gas that makes the other spoil faster.    
  5.  vegetable  soup can be made in five minutes in the pressure cooker.   

Last night we had potato soup.   

Chop celery and carrots (onion) saute in the pressure cooker  after you add a bacon slice or some butter/olive oil.    When softened, add diced potatoes and enough chicken or vegetable stock to cover.   
Process in manual for five minutes.    When ready to serve, set pressure cooker  on sauté mode again and make a slurry of flour and milk.   Add slurry  and milk to the soup and let simmer until  the broth is a little thick.     Salt and pepper.    Done in minutes.   

Serve with a little grated cheese and some chopped green onion stems or parsley on top.   

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