Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Safeway haul

signing up for the just 4 younap at Safeways really pays off.  I had a really hard time  coming up with a twenty five dollar basket when I only wanted to buy things that were a good price.   It took me longer than if I had been at Winco or Freddies.    I did manage to get a two dollar and a for dollar basket coupon redeemed.    -$7.00.

Total spent 27.65 net cash OOP was 20.65

2 cans spam ( gramps  treat money) 6.98 a paid 3.75 
Pepperoni sticks ( gramps treat money) 5.99 paid 3.00
Total 6.75 

2 cans artichoke hearts BOGO 3.00
2 stock top stuffing 3/5 - 2.50 
6 yogurts - 1.71 
Chicken patties 4.99 paid 3.75 
2'lbs carrots 1.49 paid 1.12 
2 dozen eggs paid 1.17

Total food budget 13.90

The BOGO condiments were priced too high to make them worth while.   I never did find the tortillas.   

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