Sunday, January 29, 2017

Meal plans for week of Jan 30.

Meal plans

  1. Chicken stir fry , mandarin oranges 
  2. Split pea soup , ham and cheese quesedas. 
  3. Pizza
  4. Tacos , refried beans , Spanish rice 
  5. Chicken noodle cassarole . Mixed veggies 
  6. Tuna melts. Veggie plate. Fruit 
  7.  🍳Breakfast   4 dinner 

  1. Chicken pieces from de boning chicken breasts, stir fry veggies from Winco less .35 coupon.   Mandarin oranges packed in glass from DT. 
  2. Pizza - home made .17 crust.pepperoni is .50 with coupons at DT, 
  3. Split pea soup.   Use the soft taco shells from the dollar kit and ham cubes . 
  4. Tacos. ( use kit from GO.   ) rice, homemade refried beans, no fat. 
  5. Tuna melts. Veggie plate, fruit, use English muffins - 1.67 a dozen from FM 
  6. Chicken noodle cassarole used egg noodles, chicken pieces, and home made white sauce mix.   Mixed veggies bought with .35 off coupon.   
  7. Breakfast 4 dinner - a staple!  The whole family cooks.   

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