Friday, January 27, 2017

5 ways to cook scratch faster.

 It's Friday.  

Five ways to get out of the kitchen faster.   My daughter remarked the other day that it takes six hours to make dinner and it's gone in three minutes.    That's what mist people saymavot thanksgiving dinner, bit regular dinner doesn't have to take six hours and it doesn't have to be fast food.  

  1. Plan your meals.   Don't plan a side dish that takes a long time and a main dish that takes a long time.  Yesterday, we had homemade chilli and homemade bread.  The chilli was made in the pressure cooker , but you could have just as well made it with canned beans or soaked beans the night before while you were doing the dishes amd put the chili in the slow cooker in the morning.  Of you are flying out to work on the am, pit the ingredients in the insert and refrigerate it,   Just add the beans and place the insert on the slowmcooker.   Or, pick a day when you don't have to work and make it ahead.   It takes two twenty minute cycles in the pressure cooker, but you can be doing other things the whole time.   Actual prep time was about ten minutes and that was because I used raw hamburger and not  the hamburger that I cook ahead.   While the chilli was cooking, I pulled off a hunk of refrigerator  bread dough and shaped it,   Let it rise in the warm oven and baked it off .    
  2. Thinking ahead and cooking the item that takes the longest time first is a given, but it does take some thought. Multi tasking is the easiest way to get a lot done fast.   
  3. Prep, prep, prep.   A little time set aside for bulk cooking can save a lot of time the rest of the week when you are busier.    
  4. Deligate.   Even small children can help do little  things.  Teens can start dinner.   
  5. Don't watch the microwave spin around.   It can take care of itself.  Set it and forget It.  Go on to make another part of the meal.   

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