Sunday, March 19, 2017

Fred Meyers Haul (Kroger)!

Sunday is ad day at fred Meyers. My main focus was that we didn't have any fresh milk in the house,  I made pancakes for granddaughter with non fat dry,   It worked and I don't think she knew the difference.
Fred Meyers had a 10/10 sale, and you had to buy 10, mix or match, 

  1. Marshmallows,  -2 ea - we love chocolate rice crispy Treats.  
  2. Cream cheese -2 ea 
  3. Crescent rolls - -3 ea 
  4. Sausage -2 
  5. A zero drink 

I was careful not to buy anything we wouldn't use and anything that was cheaper elsewhere.    I have a cracker crust and want to make a cream cheese pie for a special treat sometime soon.   
I have seen a taco pie on Facebook that would be good to try and we love putting a little cheese on them and rolling them up for a go to when having ansoup that lacks full protein,   Sausage is a given when we have breakfast for dinner,.  

Ice cream sandwiches were two dollars for 12.  .  
Blackberries were .99
Naval oranges were .99 - two large oranges were 150
Milk was .99 -!we got two regular and 1 chocolate,   

Total 18.43

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