Thursday, March 23, 2017

Winco haul with prices

Wimco short haul

Yoplait yogurt 8pack 3.68-100 coupon is 2.68
Tortilla chips 2.38 - extra large bag
Grape tomatoes .99
Betty Crocker apple cider cupcake mix - .98
Green grapes 198 lb
Mission corn tortillas 1.28
Bag of chocolate "rice crispier" 6.37

Total 24.45

Most of our grocery  hauls are between 25-30  a trip.   I average two stores a week.
This trip was to fill in the blanks,    We bought the cup cake mix last week.  It's .98 and has the mix for cupcakes and a frosting  packet.   Add oil, water and egg.    The rice crispies are for treats and are long term storage.   I try to keep one snack in the house, baked.   We always have fresh fruit.  

This week we dehydrated  eggs.  I haven't tried using them yet, I will before I do any more.    It pays to have  a back up plan.   Sunday, before we went to Freddies., granddaughter wanted pancakes.   I had nonfresh milk left.   Instead of running to the local store and laying full price or bothering the neighbors to bum a cup of milk, we made mom fat dry milk up and it worked.   I just measured the dry milk with the dry ingredients and added the liquid to the liquid ingredients,   Easy fix.  

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