Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Ideas day - Tuesday

 They see that Americans waste 50% of their food. If you add the fact that 50% of your food cart consists of  snacks and drinks, that would be a  hundred percent of your food. There's something wrong with those statistics. We however all know  and a lot of food is wasted in our country. Part of it is that we fill  plates  for our children and they eat  only part  of what's given to them. Use smaller plates and give them half of a portion. If they want more, give them more.  Another idea is to cut smaller children's sandwiches into shapes and save the bread scraps for bread pudding, bread crumbs , or croutons i.e. Dressing.   Portion control.

Find ways to use leftovers  in such a manner that you  don't know you're eating leftovers. I made chili  one day.  Two days later, the chilli became the topping for nachos after drained  it.    I added cheese, black olives, peppers.

 Chili can also be revisited with rice. Leftover rice can't be put in tomato soup.  Tomato-based sauces can't be added to soups or stews.

 Leftover vegetables can be added to soup.  The ends of the carrots and celery can make veggie stock or be addd to bones t make meat stock.   Of ylumdomt have  bought veggiesmr bines, save them up in the freezer.   Freeze in ice cube trays or a freezer bag,   Bags are best frozen sitting on a cardboard from the recycle bin,    Otherwise, it is hard to get it off the metal grate shelf of the freezer.

 Leftover hotdogs can't be sliced into coins and added to beans.

 Leftover chicken pieces and be quesadillas, burritos, chicken pot pie, chicken soup, chicken tacos ,  chicken noodle casserole.

 If you have an abundance of sour cream, you can put it in almost anything that calls for milk. Sometimes you need to dilute it with some water or milk.  Some  muffin recipes call for Greek yogurt. Sour cream is a good substitute. I have also added  sour cream to scrambled eggs.

 Sausage crumbles Can be  added to a quiche, leftover bits can be added to a pizza, or added to a pasta sauce or scrambled eggs.

Bits of veggies and chicken bones can become chicken stock.   Chicken stock is a couple of bucks a quart.   That two dollars can buy a couple of chicken breast.  

Think what can I do with this before you throw anything away.  The other mantra is keep a close look on the pantry and fridge to make sure you are eating things before they spoil.    Rotate canned stock.
Yes, this takes some time, but the reward is money in the bank and your family will eat better.

I now have it to the point where if I get a pan of bread in the oven. My husband will check it when the timer rings and uncover it and do the last step if I am busy in the front of the house.   LOL.  There is something about the smell of hot bread right out of the oven.

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