Monday, March 27, 2017

Kitchen management day,

Other vlogs are talking about spring cleaning .    Do people really still sprimg clean ?  I remember my mother using the utility cart to gather her supplies and a big bucket  of spic  n span to spring clean.   These days, a lot of people work outside the home and time is in short supply.  I think that's a good argument for zone cleaning,  

Kitchen management takes a different approach and cleans a little at a time. Cleaning one drawer or cabinet at a time gets  the job done in pieces.  

For anyone that doesn't know what kitchen management is , or os prepping and cleaning for the week ahead.   It saves a lot of time and you are doing the clean  up once.   Meal time can be hectic and having a head start in dinner is a great advantage,  

  1. Go over the plans for the week.   Schedule an easy dinner for those days you know are going to be especially busy.    
  2. Chop anything that can be chopped ahead of time,    A green salad can be made and out on a bowl with a oaoer towel in the bottom and you can eat on it all week,    This won't necessarily work if  you aremisong organic veggies.   
  3. Clean the fridge and organize .   Putting the same kinds of things in a shelf saves how noting time: dairy, leftovers, condiments amd bottles that are too tall. 
  4. Clean the meat drawer and nitemwhat needs to be eaten,    
  5. We have amcheese drawer. Do the cheese bins need to be filled.   Grate cheese? 
  6. Bread dough in the bread bucket? 
  7. Make bread? 
  8. Precook any meat that is going to be used  in the next two days.   
  9. Make cookies or any granola bars etc that you will need.    I have been saving any bits from the bottom of cereal. Pretzels etc for adds into rice crispy treats.   Anything that sounds good.   
  10. Pick one extra thing,    The oven? The top of the Fridge! , the microwave?   For a deep clean - organize the pantry.?    
  11. Wash the counters and the outside of any appliances.    
  12. Premake or load a school lunch basket for the week.    When granddaughter had to bring lunch, we fixed a basket in a lower cabinet  with fruit cups, cereal bars, yogurt, spoons, napkins etc so she could load her lunch box.   
  13. Wash the floor .

Starting the week organized saves a lot of hassle and time. 

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