Saturday, March 25, 2017

Fred Meyers - tomorrow - comparing ground meats

Not much there.   Good time to stock dairy

Boneless chuck roast 2.97

FF Ground turkey 2/5
Strawberries 2/4
Milk .99 including chocolate -limit 10
Sour cream , small 1.00

Sea PAC seafood BOGO $$

Bumble bee tuna or Kroger pasta .69

Cantaloupe 2.50
Cucumbers 2/.99

3.99 for 20 percent hamburger --NOTE : its 199 at Safeways , not in a chub and with the basket coupon, it makes it 1.69.  Just de-fat it.    De-fating  can take as much as 17 percent of the fat away.

To test prices on the various amounts of fat on hamburger. Take each price and times it by 1.xx , the XX is the amount of fat  listed.  This finds the net price.

20 percent hamburger at 1.99 is basically 2.40
7 percent turkey at 2.50 is 2.68
7 percent hamburger at 3.28 is 3.51

After de-fating  the 20 percent hamburger, I am showing no  visible that.  There was at least an 1/2 inch of fat in the bottom of a four quart pan that I drained the fat into.

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